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Buying organic traffic through the use of a traffic bot is a common practice by agencies, marketers and marketing professionals as SEO brings to the website free organic traffic, which converts. Some traffic bot are used to increase the number of clicks on keywords, increase the popularity and relevance of the website for SEO algorithms. This is what SearchSEO acts on, the CTR.

SearchSEO is the most popular web traffic generator that provides real organic, quality, ISP-related visits.

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Benefits of CTR manipulations

Manipulate the click-though rate of your website to increase your SEO rankings best traffic bot

Google organic search traffic

Generate organic clicks with a Google organic search bot.
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Buy organic search traffic

Increase rankings by buying organic search traffic from website traffic generator.
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Organic Traffic Generator

What is website traffic generator and how to use it to generate SEO organic traffic?


Auto website traffic generator

There are different reasons and advantages to use an auto website traffic generator. Let's walk through all of these use cases.
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Buy real traffic for your website

When you want to buy real traffic for your website you should be aware because the traffic bot field is a deep jungle. Let's break down the myth around bot traffic.
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Automated Traffic Bot

An automated traffic bot is a tool that can increase your website visibility on the Internet and also help you to achieve a considerable amount of new website traffic to your website
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Buy Organic Traffic is a Good idea?

You have created a website and are publishing content there which is definitely good. But the problem is to bring traffic to your website.
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SearchSEO vs SparkTraffic : Comparison

Let's review and compare two traffic bot softwares. SearchSEO is Google CTR bot to buy organic website traffic for SEO. Sparktraffic is an automated traffic bot to generate Fake website traffic that can have a negative effect for your rankings.

SearchSEO vs Babylon Traffic : Comparison

In the world of traffic generators, there are many offers and it is easy for an uninformed user to fall into the trap of low quality traffic bot. This is why we will compare BabylonTraffic which is a traffic bot and SearchSEO which is a CTR bot that generates real organic traffic.
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SearchSEO vs SERPClix : Comparison

SearchSEO and Serpclix are two organic traffic bots. At first glance, both are similar.
However, one will allow you to increase your CTR and Search Engine Optimization with full and advanced features, while the other will cost you more without any SEO effects
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