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Frequently asked questions

Find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the SearchSEO service. A question is not listed? Contact us from the contact page or contact our customer success team with the chatbot.

Problem of use

SearchSEO can't find my website

SearchSEO cannot find your website, please make sure your website is indexed. To check it, type in google: you can't find your website, then you are not indexed and SearchSEO can't work.

SearchSEO cannot find my website based on keywords.

SearchSEO searches for your website in the first 10 pages of Google from the selected keywords. Please make sure that your website is in the first 10 pages, to do so, use free software such as

Why can't I choose the 5 visiting urls?

The 5 internal links visited by SearchSEO are random. You won't be able to choose them. SearchSEO allows you to behave in a totally human way.In addition, the most relevant pages will be the most visited, such as product pages and highlighted collections.

Where is my Free trial?

Your free trial can be found by creating a new project and using "Free" credit. You'll be able to create a limited project for 3 days.

Payment and Credit on SearchSEO

What payment methods are accepted on SearchSEO?

On the SearchSEO platform, payments are made by credit card. You can also pay by paypal, contact us and we will send you the instructions by e-mail.

What is the purpose of the credits on the platform?

Once you have subscribed to the plan that matches your needs, a credit will be added to your account. With this credit, you will be able to create a project valid for 30 days (1 month).

Do I get charged monthly?

The SearchSEO offer is a monthly commitment. This means that you are chargedmonthly. With each payment, a new credit will be added to your account that you can use to extend your current project, or to create a new project.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription unconditionally from your account by clicking on "account management".When you subscribe, you are only committed for 30 days, you are free to extend the offer or cancel it after that period.

Do I get charged monthly?

The SearchSEO offer is a monthly commitment. This means that you are charged monthly. With each payment, a new credit will be added to your account that you can use to extend your current project, or to create a new project.

Traffic provided by SearchSEO

Does the traffic improve my SEO?

Yes, it does. We have written an article on this subject where all the elements and sources are listed here: (link of case studies page)However, please note that your SEO strategy must be comprehensive to maximize the effects of SearchSEO.You will never be able to reference a blank, non-indexed page.

What are the ISPs from which the visits originated?

When you select a country like France, the visits will have real ISPs specific to wifi like Orange, Freebox, SFR.

Is the behavior human?

You can select many parameters to customize your traffic according to your needs. In each parameter a "random" option is available.

Are the IPs used unique and reliable?

We have several million residential IPs. It is very unlikely that the IPs will be reused for your website. Moreover, our pool of IPs is renewed very regularly to ensure an unparalleled quality

Are there any types of unauthorized sites?

We do not accept social networks, affiliate sites, casino sites.


How long do I have to wait to get paid?

Payment for the membership is made every 30 days

Do I have to be a subscriber to get the affiliate link?

No, the affiliate link are available for all accounts.

What is the minimum amount to be paid?

The minimum amount is $100.

How do I track my sales and progress?

You can track sales from your affiliate dashboard, in your admin panel.

Are the commissions recurring?

As long as the user you have affiliated is a subscriber, you will receive 20% of the amount paid on each payment.


I wish to unsubscribe, how do I do that?

Log in to your account, then click on "account management" and then click on "cancel".

If I unsubscribe, will i loose my credits?

No. You'll not loose your credits, and you current project will keep running until the expiration date.

Is there a commitment?

Subscriptions are non-binding and can be cancelled at any time from your account. If the subscription is not cancelled, it will be automatically renewed.